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A Portable Generator Can Save You When the Power Goes Out or Gets Turned Off!

Map showing areas affected by PG&E power shutoffs

Areas in red were affected by PG&E power shutoffs

PG&E stated:

PG&E Says Power Outages Aren’t Going Away, Leaving California Businesses to Confront an Uncertain Future.

Not only are these power shutoffs affecting are daily home lives, it can leave businesses having to close there doors for days on end. Not only are they losing money from not being open but some are losing thousands of dollars in perishables not being able to keep them at proper temperatures. 

Don't fall victim to another power outage! 

Cummins® QuietConnect™ Home and Small Business Standby Generator is compact, efficient and extremely quiet, operating at only 65dB. This feature-packed generator runs on LP or natural gas and can be installed as close as 18in. from your home or business. Plus, it features remote diagnostics capabilities for monitoring and controlling your generator whether you are there or away.

Picture of a Cummins generator

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